mpf action network

We formed the Music Policy Forum to address two critical issues for the music community:

  1. The importance of facilitating collaboration and strengthening networks among leaders who are committed to the strongest possible music ecosystems across North America; and

  2. Serving as a resource for policymakers, researchers, philanthropists, activists and others who are eager to apply successful models, learn from previous challenges and connect with emerging leaders and ideas

The following individuals reflect a depth and range of experiences, perspectives and roles in the music community across North America, and they are helping us to live out this mission in their own communities as well as a collective whole.

Music Policy Forum Action Network:


  • Allison Myggland: Program Manager - Alberta Music

  • Beatrice Germaine: French Consulate New Orleans/Acadiana

  • Bertis Downs: REM manager, Athens, GA

  • Bruce Raeburn: Jazz scholar/musician/advocate/former director Tulane Jazz Archives

  • Carmen Ford: City of Mississauga

  • Catherine Moore: University of Toronto

  • Christopher Naoum: Listen Local First, Washington DC

  • Cory Crossman: City of London, ON

  • Craig Klein: Musician, New Orleans, LA

  • Dani Grant: Mishiwaka, Fort Collins, CO

  • Darb Erickson: City of Victoria, Arts, Culture and Special Events

  • Dessa: musician, Minneapolis, MN

  • Don Pitts: Sound Music Strategies, Austin, TX

  • Erin Benjamin: Music Canada Live

  • Erin McKeown: musician, Northampton, MA

  • Gene Meneray: Ella Project, New Orleans

  • Gigi Johnson: Director - UCLA Center for Music Innovation, Los Angeles

  • Greg Lambousy: New Orleans Jazz Museum

  • Howard Hertz: Detroit Music Foundation / attorney

  • Jax Deluca: musician, Washington DC

  • Jami Duffy: Youth on Record

  • Jean Cook: Musician, New York

  • Jocelyn Kane: Consultant, Palm Springs, CA

  • Joey Hendrickson: Founder and Board Member, Columbus Music Commission

  • John Strohm: Rounder Records, Nashville, TN

  • Jon Bartlett: Executive Director – MEGAPHONO, Ottawa

  • Jordan Hirsch: A Closer Walk/PonderosaStomp/writer/activist, New Orleans

  • Josh Colle: Former Toronto City Councillor 

  • Lisa Gedgaudas: Denver Arts and Venues

  • Liz Larin: Detroit Music Foundation, musician, activist

  • Lolis Eric Elie: Writer/Activist, New Orleans/Los Angeles

  • Lynn Ross: City of Vancouver

  • Madalena Salazar: WESTAF, Denver, CO

  • Martin  Perna: Founder, Antibalas

  • Maryann Lombardi: Chief Creative Economy Officer, Washington DC

  • Maurice Jackson: Georgetown University

  • Melanie Merz: WWOZ 90.7FM, New Orleans

  • Michael Seman: UC Denver

  • Mike Tanner: City of Toronto

  • Nik Ives-Allison: General Manager - OMIC (Ottawa Music Industry Coalition)

  • Patrick Hallahan: musician, My Morning Jacket, Louisville, KY

  • Peter Strand: Attorney and Chicago Grammy Chapter

  • Petr Verner: Jazz Foundation America

  • Rebecca Gates: Musician, Portland, OR

  • Ron Rona: Preservation Hall and Preservation Hall Foundation, New Orleans

  • Sheena Jardine-Olade: Communication Specialist - The Canadian Institute of Planners

  • Tammy  Kernodle: Miami University Ohio; President, Society of American Music

  • Tim Quirk: Musician/entrepreneur, Oakland, CA