Music Cities Summit 2019: New Voices, New Visions

The 2019 The Mastering of a Music City Music Cities Summit melded fresh perspectives, new voices, and the experience of dozens of music industry professionals into a single day of great impact. Peers from around the world convened in Toronto to tackle some of the best-known challenges of the music economy, like how to build effective coalitions and how to develop and implement music city strategies, to current challenges that face the modern music industry, such as diversity and inclusion and the rise of collaborative/creative spaces.


One all-new session added to this year’s Music Cities Summit was A Music City Hypothetical: What happens when a DIY Venue Closure Challeneges the Entire Foundation for a City’s Music Strategy? Together, a full stage of participants, plus members of the audience, navigated the cause-effect circumstances surrounding the closing of a fictional DIY music venue. The conversation explore topics and ideas that, in a standard, pre-determined panel, would not necessarily have had room to coexist or develop. Throughout the hypothetical, both real and fictional situations unfolded to create a dynamic and nuanced discussion full of passion and creativity.


To wrap up the day and celebrate one of the day’s topics—the impact of coworking and community spaces on the music economy—Signal Creative Community hosted a post-event reception. Toronto Mayor Tory came by the event to meet with Music Cities Summit attendees, panelists, and special guests—and gave a great nod of appreciation to some of the leading minds in the Toronto music scene, including our own Amy Terrill.


Save the Date

Save the date for our Music Policy Forum Summit event, October 25-26, 2019 at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.