Reopen Every Venue Safely

Aligning the interests of live music stakeholders to fulfill a shared purpose


Aligning the interests of live music stakeholders to fulfill a shared purpose.

Building Bridges

between venue operators, musicians and policymakers to facilitate compliance and coordinate on best practices.

Empowering Artists

and workers to perform
and tour safely.

Informing and Protecting

music industry stakeholders, contributing to shared knowledge of best practices and public health regulations.

Reimagining and Rebuilding

the industry as an even more effective driver of justice and inclusion.

Whatever your stake in the music venue industry, we have a shared purpose. The REVS cities pilot project wants to share their experiences to help music industry stakeholders make informed decisions, avoid feeling overwhelmed, and contribute to flourishing, safe local cultures.We’re sharing a lot of practical information through the REVS portal. Take some time to review the pilot city pages linked above and peruse the documents that were created with the cohort in support of reopening that they have shared.

In the chaos of 2020, music venues are faced with an existential crisis unlike an other industry. History will remember them as the first to close and the last to reopen.

Music venues aren’t just a place to have a good time. They’re pillars of their local economies and cultures. Every dollar spent at small venues generates $12 in revenues for neighboring restaurants, hotels, retailers and other services. Yet frustratingly, the unique needs and dynamics of this industry have received very little focus on a national policy level.

Many venues operators and municipalities are making an earnest, civic-minded effort to formulate win-win-win solutions. That means preserving local culture, prioritizing public health, supporting and keeping venues economically viable. Music streaming services aren’t going to save the artists and workers who make the magic we call music possible. To a large extent, that’s the role of venues.

Our shared purpose is keeping the magic alive.

REVS National cohort

Charlotte, NC


Cleveland, OH


Los Angeles, CA


Albuquerque, NM


Austin, TX


Chicago, IL


Seattle/King County


Portland, OR


New Orleans, LA


Louisville, KY


Denver, CO





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