Perspectives on the Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) Initiative

October 22, 2021

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Nineteen long months ago we launched the Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) initiative – an international cohort of pilot cities working in real time to prepare to reopen live music as quickly and safely as possible when the science allows. For better or for worse, music has reopened and it is time to sunset the cohort as MPF broadens our focus to the many issues related to building stronger, more resilient and more equitable music ecosystems. Of course we are not ignoring the ongoing complexities of reopening or the amazing network of collaborators that have come together through REVS – we are just moving to the next stage of work.We've recorded this special program as a reflection on the work made possible by the REVS initiative. We hope this work can be a model and inspiration for future organizing efforts.